Kokoda Trail
The Kokoda Trail is one of the World’s Great Treks. The 96 km trail cuts across knife-edge ridges and over testing mountains, through consistently changing rainforest terrains and mountain streams bridged by logs. It’s not for the faint hearted.

The trail passes over battlegrounds of the most crucial and bloody campaigns of World War II. In the space of seven months, 3,000 Japanese were killed as they tried to take Port Moresby, while only 600 Aussie diggers died defending it.

Every step you take over this historical region pays homage to the WWII heroes who fought so gallantly to protect Australia and in particular the ‘fuzzy wuzzy angels’ who provided invaluable support to the allies.

Our company is the most experienced operator on the trail and has contributed to establishing Kokoda as one of the World’s Great Treks.
Our treks include ALL essential components to get you across the trail and back again.
Other than a few meals in Port Moresby, we include air travel, land transport, guides, equipment, trek food and accommodation.

You can even extend your trek to include the Buna and Gona trails, a little known part of the trail that saw heavy fighting and serious casualties on both sides during WWII. A small Australian force stood up to 1500 Japanese. What followed will forever go down as one of the most heroic, defensive actions in the annals of military history.

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Trek and Adventure
Trekking throughout Papua New Guinea will open your eyes to the majesty and beauty that PNG has to offer. On your journey you’ll discover many species of bird and wildlife along with jungle forests and wild native orchids, some of which are yet to be classified. The Markham Valley is spectacular with waving sugar cane stalks and mountains that seem to rise vertically out of the valley floor.

Wherever you go, you’ll come face to face with historical artifacts, cultural sites and experiences you won’t find anywhere else on Earth.

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