From November to April, New Ireland is home to some of the best and most uninterrupted swells in the North Pacific Ocean. Here your choice of accommodation options is a vast as the sea its self.

Kavieng is known for good left and right breaks with varying degree of difficulty and averaging 5 to 6 feet swells, depending on size and direction of the swell and reef depth.

In order to promote sustainable development, the Area Surf Management Plan limits the daily number of surfers to ensure un-crowded conditions for all.
However, with many of New Ireland’s best breaks yet to be discovered, this truly is the last of the surfing frontiers.

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PNG is well known for its fishing, for amateurs and professionals alike and is a must fish destination. You will be treated to some of the best game fishing in the world including; Papuan Black and Spot Tail Bass, Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Travally, Barracuda, Wahoo, Red Emperor and many more.

Heading out from Baia gives you a choice of five river systems within 35 minutes of the lodge. Beyond that lie numerous unexplored reefs and estuaries which are yet to be discovered. Even if the fish aren't biting, it's well worth a visit.

In addition to Baia, Niugini Holidays can arrange Sport Fishing holidays to Bensbach, Lindenhafen, or Game Fishing from Kavieng.

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Papua New Guinea has such a diverse range of bird life, with over 646-recorded species, it’s hard to explain where to begin.
Why not start at Kiunga, the access point to the third largest expanse of lowland tropical rainforest on Earth. Here you’re likely to spot The Southern Crowned Pigeon, the Little Paradise Kingfisher or even the Great Bird of Paradise.
The Tari Valley is a highlight to any birding trip, and the Port Moresby area provides rich birding areas, all well worth the visit.

We've included just a couple of examples of the itineraries available, however we can arrange individual itineraries for you. Simply contact us with a list of species you’d like to see and we’ll arrange an itinerary to suit.

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