kokoda trail: one of the world's great treks

Kokoda Trail is one of the World’s Great Treks. Linking the southern coast of Papua to the north coast of New Guinea. It is a challenge for all fit bush walkers and not for the faint hearted. The 96 km Trail cuts across knife edged ridges and over teasing mountains. Trek through constantly changing terrain of rainforest, jungles of ferns, orchids and towering trees entwined with creepers. Mountain streams, bridged by vine lashed logs, tumble into steep valleys. Rest in villages that welcome visitors with warm smiles and fresh fruit.

The Track passes over the battlegrounds of one of the most crucial and bloody campaigns of World War II. Over a seven month period in 1942, three thousand Japanese and six hundred Diggers died as the Australians foiled the Japanese Army’s last attempt to capture Port Moresby. For both sides, it was the Trail that proved unconquerable as neither side could maintain a supply line over its length.

These days the Trail is a peaceful place, although there is much evidence of the war. Relics including “Bren” guns, helmets and ammunition are still found in the bush, and village elders delight in telling stories of the ‘Big Fight’. The friendly people, sounds of the jungle, log crossings over rivers and the exhilaration of conquering each hill, provide vivid memories that will remain with you long after the Trek. Every step you take over this historical Trail pays homage to the WWII heroes who fought so bravely to protect Australia and in particular, to the “fuzzy wuzzy angels” who provided invaluable support to the allies.

To celebrate 26 years of trekking The Kokoda Trail, our company is the most experienced operator on the Trail and has contributed greatly to establishing Kokoda as one of the World’s Great Treks. Our treks include ALL essential components to get you there, across the Trail and home again. Other than a few meals in Port Moresby, we include air travel, land transport, guides, equipment, trek food, and accommodation. Preparation details, trip notes, detailed itineraries, inclusions and conditions are available at our dedicated Kokoda Trail E-mail address : kokoda@ngholidays.com


Kokoda Trail is not an easy walk. You should be fit and experienced at roughing it in the bush. For those who have made proper physical preparation, the Trek will provide a rewarding sense of achievement. Our guides and porters offer assistance, but it should be remembered that the Trek is an individual experience even if travelling with a group.

Your level of fitness, degree of interest in the WWII Kokoda Campaigns and how much time you have available, are all factors to be considered when selecting your trip. We are happy to discuss the various options, to ensure the trip you select is right for you.

The number of nights on the Trail and type of guide (PNG or Australian) differ and should be considered. Each Trek has scheduled, small group departure dates suitable for individuals. Private groups may block book scheduled trips, or contact us to arrange alternative departures.


Buna and Gona
The area from Buna to Sanananda and Gona saw heavy fighting with serious casualties on both sides during WWII. A small force of Australians known as “Maroubra Force” arrived at Buna on 21st July 1942, as the first Japanese force of 1500 men landed at Gona, eight miles to the west. What followed will forever go down as one of the most heroic, defensive actions in the annals of military history. Extensions will only operate subject to road conditions at the time of travel.

Pre Trek 2 nights Buna
Post Trek 1 night Kokoda and 2 nights Buna
Half day Gona boat trip from Buna, including the Japanese landing site of Busabua


Kokoda itself is a complete experience, however if time permits, you may like to extend your trip to take in some of the cultural and geographical diversity of PNG. The Highlands provide contact with remote villages and people who celebrate life through body decoration and elaborate ceremonies. Or perhaps enjoy a few days relaxation at an Island or Coastal Retreat, snorkeling, diving or beachcombing. Our tour and dive programs offer a wide range of options to see more of this fascinating country.