We have an extensive knowledge of PNG and look forward to helping you plan your unforgetable tropical holiday.

Papua New Guinea is Australia’s closest neighbour, lying a short distance north of Queensland. This predominantly Melanesian country offers outstanding cultural and geographical diversity and is an exceptional travel experience.

Transport options in PNG range from travel by modern jet aircraft, helicopter and luxury vessel to open backed truck and dug out canoe. Accommodation options are similarly broad and visitors can enjoy international standard hotels and facilities, or live at a more relaxed pace in village style guesthouses and traditionally constructed lodges.

Visit Papua New Guinea to dive into an outstanding underwater wonderland, trek some of the world’s most physically demanding and rewarding trails, reel from world class fishing action, or discover pristine rainforest teeming with untold species of unique flora and fauna. Learn about ancient cultures and rituals, delight in the joy of interaction with welcoming villagers, see how intricate works of art are created and marvel at the incredible spectacle of colourful shows and festivals.

Visit historic WWII sites
Revisit some of the most significant battle sights of WWII and hear village elders recount stories of the “Big Fight”, or wander through the National Museum and admire one of the finest collections of primitive art in the world.

See active volcanoes, tropical fjords, unbelievably blue waters and lagoons, picture perfect offshore islands with white sandy beaches, magnificent mountain gorges and vistas, extensive river systems, cascading waterfalls and untouched coastal scenery.

Papua New Guinea offers a unique cultural diversity, where the people create some of the most beautiful and astounding body decorations in the world. From the brightly coloured “bilas” of the coastal villagers, to the eerie, mysterious painted Mudmen and elaborate Huli Wigmen of the Highlands.

There are numerous festivals throughout the year, where communities join together to celebrate special events, creating colourful spectacles for all to enjoy. Major events include the Highlands Shows of Mount Hagen and Goroka, the Rabaul Mask Festival, Independence celebrations throughout PNG, and Milne Bay’s Kundu and Canoe Festival.

Step back in time
To the relaxed pace of Melanesia and experience a land of diverse attractions, ranging from awe inspiring mountain vistas, to arguably the most spectacular diving and coastal scenery in the world. Papua New Guinea is fast becoming known as one of the few remaining, ecologically sound frontiers for the interested traveller. Here the jungles and forests protect brilliantly plumed Birds of Paradise and stunningly coloured butterflies and insects. The surrounding oceans abound with a myriad of fish species and pristine coral reefs.

Niugini Holidays have extensive knowledge and many years of operational experience. Our specialist staff are dedicated exclusively to the promotion of PNG. We can arrange almost anything, from a relaxing beach holiday, to an intensive special interest program. Our individual tours allow you to design an itinerary that meets your personal requirements, and with regular Air Niugini flights from Australia, Asia and the Pacific, the range of travel options is very flexible.

Touring options are unlimited and whilst we feature a selection of our more popular programs, we enjoy working with visitors to create an individual travel experience that may not be shown in this web site.

The wonders of PNG will delight even the most jaded traveller, and we at Niugini Holidays look forward to welcoming you to Our World.